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The penultimate blog on Prague 2023

The penultimate blog on Prague 2023

Yes this picture really does show all my luggage, a perfectly sized little dot of a backpack which I'm allowed to take on board and push under the seat for free. Anything else was going to set me back another £54.

Jon had me going with a Bag for Life, thankfully Ali came to the rescue with this.

The last 3 weeks, well they've been really chilled, I got back home, got my head in gear, the orders ready and the washing done, then I hit the tempo hard, 2 great runs, then it was time to beast my legs.... 3 hours, it was all supposed to be easy but I really wanted a reverse split and to push the last hour hard.

There's something about going on holiday or taking a few days off, I've even felt it at taper time.... You feel lazy, like you won't be able to do it, like you aren't doing enough. But I know you have to honour the taper, nail the nutrition and hydrate!!!

Anyway I could and I did followed by another gentle one and a 90 minute at marathon pace on the weekend.

5 days very hard running, to Remind my legs what they needed to do, or was it to remind me, as my body nailed it- super strong.

And that's about it really... The last two weeks have been easy and I say that honestly. You almost feel like you're cheating. The runs are as intense mostly with a mix of long but the long is only an hour, opposed to 3 and the tempo is fast and varied still but it's shorter again and seems so easy.

Now is that because you're stronger, fitter, more capable or your body is responding to the rest?

I don't know a combination probably but I for one am grateful. I've always had a 'trust the training' philosophy and now I trust myself to do the job.

The feet have been a pain and will hurt on the day... I just need to get through it along with my new friend a great big protruding lump which has appeared on my 'better' foot!!! God knows, all I know is that I'm in for 4 hours ish of hurt and I need tunes to get me through. I've been experimenting and I'm Placebo all the way, it gives me a bounce and an energy. But then there's Bonjovi... When they come on I'm catapulted back to my 16 year old, youth fueled self, the worlds my playground, i'm suddenly the invincible young girl...that's got to be a good mantra to carry with you running.

I'm on the plane writing this, day one of lowering the fibre, protein and fats, drinking water like it's going out of fashion and I'm still thirsty!

Big shout out to my amazing friend Kim who lives close to Gatwick, storing our car and arranging our taxiing to and from, B and B ing me too when I get back, way past all our bedtimes next Tuesday... Grateful to have amazing friends in my life....

Talking of which Keith' s in the seat in front of me, just gonna give him a kick

Sorry Feet Squeamish Folk, honestly blisters, missing toenails and now the big protruding lump- And this is my good foot!

Until next time , thanks for reading x

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Keith Pullen
Keith Pullen
May 21, 2023

Felt that

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