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"The thing that I didn’t realise, is how many people just do not like cooking and would rather I do it for them!..."


"The Clean Cook"...




My story began the same way as a lot of my customers.

I like most people had always struggled with my weight

for most of my life and tried every diet going always losing

a bit and putting it back on, always made harder by the

challenge of balancing my busy work life balance.


In 2013 we moved to Weymouth with work and a friend

introduced me to her fitness club and as well as the

training they supported a ‘Clean Eating’ nutrition programme.

I love fitness and it was great, but coming from a family of chefs I loved the food ‘challenge’ too. It soon turned into a creative journey to cook our favourite dishes with no wheat, gluten, lactose or refined sugar and of course with only fresh ingredients to ensure they were as unprocessed as possible.


The weight dropped off me and my shape changed to something I was at last happy with, which was an absolute first, and the best bit is it’s stayed off! My confidence returned and I completed a 10k Race and really started thinking I could do more fitness challenges.


Whilst my new friends at the gym were struggling eating broccoli and rice every day with either chicken or fish, we were tucking into lasagnes, pies, curries and much more.


I’ll never forget this one particular Saturday when my friend and I were out running, training for a Tough Mudder Event, we found ourselves discussing where my work would send me next and how I really didn’t want to leave Weymouth and all the great friends we had made.


Michelle Before & After

It was then that I told her what I’d really like to do was set up a ‘Clean Kitchen’, where I could help people experience how great ‘Clean Eating’ makes you feel and provide healthy, wholesome ready meals, made from local ingredients from  local farms and suppliers. Even potentially running a cookery school too to teach people how it is not too difficult to cook great food without the need for wheat, gluten, refined sugar, lactose and usually dairy so they too can  experience what ‘Clean Eating’ had taught me.


Certainly quicker than we could run up the trail, she’d convinced me to give it a go and that her and her partner would be my first customers.

The Clean Cook 
Is Born...

Three weeks later she broadcast to our gym buddies what I was doing and I was inundated with requests from people to cook for them, some lots, some just a few bits. It was then that we decided that, rather than move away, I would start ‘The Clean Cook’ and work full time to provide clean food for the people of Weymouth, Portland and Dorchester and I love it.

The thing that I didn’t realize is how many people just do not like cooking and would rather I do it for them, giving them the time to do what they enjoy, whether that be spend more time doing their hobbies, training, shopping, or spending more time with loved ones. Whatever it is they can have confidence that the food I provide will not only taste delicious and like ‘normal’ food but also that it will make sure they are taking care of themselves too as there’ll be no preservatives or hidden sugars, just good quality ingredients, cooked with love to help them feel great, look great and perform great.


Throughout this journey my lovely husband Jon has been by my side encouraging and supporting me with the business, doing the odd delivery and adding his own signature dishes to the menu, whilst always there to cheer me through my biggest fitness challenges, The Rotterdam Marathon and Challenge Weymouth 70.3 Triathlon.

Over the last few years Jon’s passion and understanding of both Clean Eating and Fitness have grown too, although more an adrenalin sports junkie than your norm, he too has seen the huge benefits of ‘Clean Eating’ and it’s helped him take part in some really tough enduro events over the last few years.

In early 2016 we moved into our new house which gave us the chance to create a home but also a ‘fit for business’ kitchen and the addition of a garden so we can also start growing our own fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables.


With our home set up and thanks to the loyalty and support of our already steadfast customer base, Jon was able to join The Clean Cook full time, so now we can both do what we have immense passion for 24/7 and help even more people choose to prioritise their health through getting the correct fuel through their food.

Michelle & Jon
The Clean Cook 
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