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Eating on the go...

Raspberry & Cashew Muffins

The Clean Cook

Plans & Packages

All the food we provide comes in a ‘ready meal’ format for your convenience and is delivered to your door Frozen already so all you have to do is simply reheat and eat.


Reheating takes as little as 30 – 90 secs in the microwave

Between 4-7 mins (most of these are great hot or cold so you could just defrost what you fancied the night before and take with you, eating on the run or in the office)

Between 6-10 min

Are great eaten from frozen although the ones with a cake type consistency are better   left for 30 mins to defrost or popped in the microwave for 30 secs.




Getting Started is EASY 

- Which Option suits you?

Option 1

Check out the Menu and order as little or as much as you want from the current Seasonal Menus delights.

Pre Arranged Collection available on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9am-7pm from 29 Goldcroft Road, Weymouth, DT4 0DZ (If these times do not suit, pre- arranged alternatives can be agreed too)

On a First Come First Serve Basis delivery is available and Free for orders over £35.

Weymouth - Depending on your location are Mondays or Tuesdays Evening

Dorchester - Tuesday Evening

A day in the life of a Clean Cook customer

Option 2

A day in the life of a Clean Cook customer

Do what lots of people do and take the stress out of remembering to order and having to choose your delicious food and go on a 4 week package.


The Standard packages I offer are all for 4 weeks and after that period you can just choose to keep going and renew, tweak it again based on how you found the first 4 weeks, Pay As You Go or simply order from the Seasonal Menu.

I really try and work with people 1:1 so any package can be tailored to what you need based on your goals and food likes and dislikes.


For example I have people who just buy Breakfast, Lunch and Treats from me for 5 days to help them whilst they are at work, whilst I also have people who buy every meal from me 7 days per week so that's Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a Snack/Treat everyday as they just don't want the hassle or be caught without anything in the freezer. (As everything is frozen, waste is never an issue)


Here’s some Common Packages we put together for our customers and their prices to give you an idea

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