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Welcome to

The Clean Cook


Do any of these sound familiar to you?
Fed up with dieting?
Want more energy?
Feeling Bloated and Sluggish?
Haven't got time to cook healthy
nutritious meals?
Bored of eating the same dull meals?
Training but not seeing results?
Want to optimise your performance   
and health through the correct  

At The Clean Cook we understand that everyone has a really busy life with different goals and needs, so whatever your motivation, we aim to be your affordable solution.

Your goals and needs are what are important to us. We can provide healthy, fresh, delicious, nutritious, convenient food in the form of breakfast, lunches, dinners, treats and snacks so you can spend more time doing what you love.

What is
Clean Eating?...


A minefield right?

So complicated?


Clean Eating is about knowing what’s in your food and unfortunately when you read the back of that ‘meal for one’ or ‘jarred sauce’ you find ingredients, which you can neither read nor pronounce and often ‘sugar’, which is hugely addictive.
So simply, clean eating is eating predominantly single ingredient foods, such as vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, spices, nuts, which you can of course, combine together to make beautiful meals but rather than from a jar or packet it comes from the whole ingredients themselves.

Here's some of "The Clean Cook family"

Who are we? We're busy people, families, couples, healthy eaters, sports enthusiasts, Tri-athletes, we're food for everybody...  

"Michelle is so accommodating, knowledgeable and helpful – all I can say is try the food and you will not regret it.  She is the ‘Queen of Clean’"

"With 4 children under 6 and both working full time we often found ourselves feeling too tired to cook and resorting to supermarket pre-prepared dishes..."

"Within 2 weeks of starting on no gluten, lactose or sugar the results were startling. I had energy, I was sleeping better & I started losing weight..." 

so you can see if it's for you too... 

We are proud to source our produce from
Local Suppliers...
we even grow our own!



A massive part of The Clean Cooks home is our kitchen garden.


It's great to be able to pick fresh herbs and seasonal fruit & vegetables 

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