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Raspberry & Cashew Pancakes

Getting Started with

The Clean Cook

The Clean Cook offers clean eating food delivered to your door or for collection in the Weymouth & Dorchester area.

Getting started with The Clean Cook couldn't be simpler... Just get in touch and we'll arrange a time that suits to have a 1:1 Chat over the phone to understand your goals and needs and pop a package together that suits both and meets your budget.

Getting people into a good routine when it comes to healthy eating is key, hence why so many of our customers opt for Monthy Packages, which are tailored to their needs and personal tastes or you can simply pick and choose from our ever developing menu. When anyone starts with us we give out a shopping list to help with this and a suggestion on where to purchase it from.​

Make your Clean Eating even simpler... 

Let The Clean Cook do all the work... 

Example Shopping List

 Time to fill the cupboards with a few essentials and clean up those kitchen cupboards .

1. Coconut Oil to fry things in as we won't be using Olive Oil (for cooking) or butter or any other oil. – Helen’s sells this as do Sainsbury’s.


2. Eggs... Always have some nice free-range eggs in, packed with goodness and satisfiers


3. Almond Milk... We’ll be going no dairy especially in milk due to the lactose content so buy some unsweetened almond milk (Alpro is best) for your redbush tea and granola. All supermarkets (Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and Tesco’s) sell these. You can mix it up a bit by buying Rice Milk, Hazelnut Milk or Coconut Milk as alternatives but they do have a higher calorific value.


4. Fresh Veg… Peppers, Carrots, Cucumber for nibbles during the day


5. Fresh Veg… Spinach and Rocket to bulk up your day meals




6. Fresh Veg… Broccoli, Kale, Leeks, Spring Greens, Savoy Cabbage for evening meals to steam


7. Frozen Veg… Broccoli, Sprouts, Spinach, Runner Beans…. Always great to have a bag in the freezer in reserve


8. Buy a blender if you haven’t got one already- Great for making breakfast smoothies (You don’t need a posh expensive one)


9. Knorr or Kallo stock cubes as these are gluten free and in case you want to make any extra gravy.


10. Herbal Teas… Peppermint is great to aid digestion, whilst Lemon and Ginger settles nausea, Liquorice is sweet and quashes sweet craving down great for a night time (The Liquorice and Oriental Spice one from Holland and Barrett’s is fantastic), Redbush is the closest to normal tea and great value from Lidl for 40 bags



And for recipes there are simple substitutions you can make: Butter/Margarine – Use Coconut Oil instead - Flour – Use Doves Farm Gluten Free Self Raising Flour for everything from Pancake and Bread Making to thickening stews and gravy - Sugar- Use honey, maple syrup, stevia, coconut sugar or why not try soaked dates or bananas, they are just as sweet and a great texture.


But that’s only if you want to, we're here to cook it all for you and that’s what we enjoy, taking all the best recipes of the best chef’s (including my Mum) and cleaning them up to make eating clean healthy, enjoyable and beneficial in so many different ways.

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