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We appreciate it is important for many people to have an understanding of the nutritional make up of their meals and with this in mind we have been undertaking a lot of work to get the important figures together for you.


When we say important figures, we mean a balance of what we believe to be the most important numbers when it comes to looking at nutrition, but also the all-important Calorie information by which a lot of people work to. By now I am sure you are well aware we are not a big fan of calorie counting as not all calories are made equal, for example a Morrisons Counted Frozen Beef Lasagne has the same number of calories as ours but contains almost no vegetables (well a bit of onion and something called Mushroom Concentrate whatever that is) so gives you none of your 5 a day, where as ours contains Tomatoes, Oregano, Marjoram, Red Peppers, Aubergines, Carrots, Onions, Garlic and Courgettes and provides you with 2.8 of your 5 a day.


This is a common problem with calorie counting as unfortunately ultra processed and low-calorie meals will not give you any of the goodness your body needs. They leave you feeling hungry as they have had all the Fibre stripped from them, which is why we focus on the quality and ingredients and use only real, whole foods. To stay true to ourselves and our values. We know this will help and support your health and well being in the right way and grown your understanding of nutrition and witness first hand how the right food helps your body thrive and ensure positive relationships with food.

Here's the 4 nutritional categories that we believe are most important and why.

Plant Points- The Variety of different ingredients which come from 'Plants'.

Plants are protective and powerful defenders of our health for so many reasons and counting these is fast becoming the most important method when looking at what we eat and improving our overall health. The science behind shows that increasing the number and variety of plant-based ingredients gives our bodies more of what we need FIBRE and most importantly is good for our Gut Microbiome. Increased growth of healthy bacteria species = A healthy microbiome = Increased production of short-chain fatty acids = Better overall health. 70-80% of our immune cells sit in our gut, where diverse bacteria is best. Nutrition and lifestyle are the key modulator of immune function. Feeding ourselves on Fruits, Veggies, Legumes, Nuts, Seeds, Herbs and Spices- 'Plants', provides positives on so many levels and has to be the number 1.

Fibre, which is what our dishes provide in abundance feeds the good bacteria in your gut. Unfortunately Fibre is something over 90% of the UK are deficient in and something which is key to the optimal function of our bodies and thus our wellbeing.

Protein Value as this will keep you fuller for longer so great for helping you maintain a healthy weight or curb hunger and support you losing weight. It helps repair tired muscles after exercise or injury, build lean muscle and reduce muscle loss, something very important as we grow and as we age- they are the building blocks of life.

5 A Day Value because as we all know getting our 5 a day of Fruits and Vegetables is important, truly it's no where near enough but let's start there and have the great pleasure of smashing that goal by lunch!

All plant-based ingredient provides you with all sorts of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals, so lets stay focused on not just counting numbers but variety in types too.

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