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What is Clean Eating?

A Minefield, Right? So Complicated? Extreme?...

These were some of my thoughts too, but thankfully I had a fab coach there to help me understand it.

Clean Eating is about knowing what’s IN your food.


Unfortunately when you read the back of that ‘meal for one’ or ‘jarred sauce’ you will find ingredients, which you can't pronounce and often will say with  ‘sugar’, which is hugely addictive.


So put simply, clean eating is all about eating predominantly single ingredient foods. Such as vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, spices, nuts, which you can, of course, combine together to make beautiful meals but rather than from a jar or packet -  it comes from the whole ingredients themselves.

Starting with the basics, good nutrition is much more than weight loss or weight gain, that’s just how you look and yes that can make you feel better but it’s empty and worse unhealthy, if not embarked on in the correct way.


I confess, I used to think 'Eating Clean' was extreme, complicated and an absolute minefield but thankfully with a balanced focus, you can not only improve the way your body looks but improve your health and performance too if you provide it with the right food, which fuels you, nourishes and helps your body work more effectively.


Unfortunately, lots of food you think might be healthy has been polluted for our convenience to last longer or have sugar secretly added to make it ‘taste better’ and leave us wanting more.



Day in the life of a Clean Cook customer
Day in the life of a Clean Cook customer

I choose to source my meat, fish, fruit and vegetables and spices from local suppliers so that I can be assured of their origin and be supportive of our local businesses, helping sustainability too. I know my chickens, lambs and pigs are outdoor born and outdoor reared and fed and looked after well throughout their life and that matters, just as I know the fish caught is either local or sustainable and in abundance and fresh, as I’ve seen it myself.


Clean Eating is also about omitting things like wheat, gluten, lactose and refined sugar from the food we eat, not because we are allergic or have intolerances to these foods, only a small amount of people do but just to give our bodies a break as things like wheat have been added to our foods so much these past few decades and in large quantities it's so hard for our bodies to digest, the body is crying out for a break and quickly rewards you by helping you feel less bloated. And it's more than ok as there are substitutes which taste just as great so you can still enjoy your favourite meals and just reap better health benefits and results as the outcome.

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