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Why are we so hormone illiterate?

Every day a woman's hormones are different, we're a beautiful wave of them constantly changing and evolving and understanding them maybe one of the biggest gaps in education there is.

Well I hope this series of 4 You Tube Videos and explanations helps, even one person start to flow in sync like the beautiful ever changing sea, we are a tide of miracle hormones, nature intended and purposefully created after all.

'The Moon governed not only the tides of the sea, but also the 'tides' of the womb'

Even today in many parts of the world, women still refer to their menstrual cycle as being in their 'moon time'.

❤️Thursday Thought❤️27th April 23 - Tracking your cycle

Understanding and accepting how you feel and why and with that knowledge acting accordingly to feel the best you can.

All this ❤️Thursday Thought❤️ business started 2 years ago when I listened to a podcast that thoroughly shocked me.

It was about the stages of the menstrual cycle, the physical goings on hormone wise and the mental and practical implications of it all.

Wow as a woman I should have been taught the knowledge when I was 11 and my period came and not walked blindly through the last 35 years, coping or not coping depending on what hormonal stage I was at.

We're all in the same boat, it just wasn't understood or educated and we have a chance to change that.

Hence the Thursday Thought series on it and then consolidating them in this blog.

As I'm writing this, I'm in the last few days of my cycle- Days 21-28 or 26, or 25 you know how it goes.

What does that mean?

We all know, we feel rubbish, unrested, sleep doesn't leave us feeling refreshed, we're emotional, tired, craving more food, especially carbs, chocolate

The difference now is that I can explain it, I now know why.

From the 21st day of my cycle until I bleed, My progesterone is rising and my beautiful clever body responds accordingly. It becomes more insulin resistant to keep glucose in the blood stream to make progesterone (hence why you want carbs as carbs are glucose). You need magnesium too to make progesterone, what has magnesium -chocolate .

Your body is very busy, hence why you want to stay in and be introverted and you don't function quite right. Being kind at this time, means understanding, expecting, planning not to do things like new projects, social butterfly outings, choosing nature's carbs, potatoes, fruits, veg, legumes, prioritising sleep.

Hope this helps and if you want any more info help... I'm here get in touch

Objective of this Thursday Thought,

✅Track your cycle, notice how you feel mentally and physically

Thursday Thought ❤️- 4th May 2023- 'I'm a woman see me roar' DAYS 1-10

Well I hope last week's Thursday Thought regarding tracking your cycle and my honesty at how I always feel in those 5-7 days before I bleed made you realise- We are not hormonally designed or meant to Roar...ALL month long...

Last week because of my cycle I needed to say NO, plan to do less, hibernate, to really look after myself and my well being- The Nurture Phase...

Now this week is a different story... I'm a blooming powerhouse (good job my marathon falls this week hey!!)

Why? Quite simply, my oestrogen is rising, oestrogen is cortisol forgiving (Cortisol is the stress hormone, think fight or flight) and as oestrogen is cortisol forgiving, you can do more, handle loads more stress, both physically and mentally.

You can really push yourself at this time because hormonally your mind and body are geared up to cope.

Your body is also more insulin sensitive. Insulin is a glucose storing hormone, in this phase of your cycle the body can push more glucose into the cells to use as energy as it's not needed to build progesterone like it was last week!

So if you've started tracking your cycle ...✅

Now we can start planning to do the really tough stuff we have to do in this thing called life, in the first 10 days, be that social butterfly and fulfill those requirements, be that uber uber productive positive person.

That energy ball! AKA - SUPER BLOOMING WOMAN

Working in a hormonal symphony is the key to thriving and we can all do better and deserve to.

Give me a ❤️ if you've started tracking your cycle ladies... And lads, have you shared this with the women in your lives, don't assume they know I didn't for 35 years!!! Give me a 💙 ❤️

❤️Thursday Thought ❤️- Don't miss the miracle! Days 10- 15

Every month the amazing sex hormones of the female body come together Days 10-15 releasing an egg that can produce life if fertilized, isn't that just beautiful... and it goes beyond that... the way these hormones make us feel, sharper mentally and physically confident, give us extra motivation, drive, libido .

We are a blooming strong, powerful goddess...

✨Get us in the gym, we'll lift heavy

✨Give us a project we'll produce a masterpiece

✨Expressing our thoughts and opinions we'll do so with fluency, conviction and clarity ✨Men be afraid very afraid this is when the 'female of the species is more deadly than the male' and you can't resist us!

✨This is not a phase we want to waste with fad diets or food hangovers from junk indulgence or go on a mad detox but manifest and use those hormones to thrive.

✨Eat those beautiful fruits, veggies, plants, seeds, legumes, nuts, good quality proteins, and flourish, think of their phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals as an amplifier and enhancer of your powers to glow bright!

✨Go easy on your liver with the alcohol, it's not the time for that!

Oestrogen is at its highest around day 12, along with a surge in testosterone (men have a surge of testosterone every 15 minutes) these are our 5 days to use our supply and make it count!

Finally progesterone shows up getting ready to build and to be it's supportive blanket of calm when we need it to be at the end of our cycles.

❤️Lovely ladies, how you going to use this knowledge planning your month now you're tracking your cycle? and Lads how you going to help the lovely ladies in your life to get the most out of this stage

Let us know how you're using this knowledge

Share it where you can, it's so powerful

❤️Thursday Thought❤️- Maximising Days 15-20 of your Menstrual Cycle

Day 15 to 20 of your cycle and why this is another great window to plan to focus on achieving things, especially if your goals are weight loss as your body can cope with you doing things like eating lower carb and longer intermittent fasting.

That's because, like days 1-10, which is your first powerful achieving phase, the window of days 15-20 is the second.

This is because your hormones are again at their lowest so your body won't be controlled by them, trying to influence you to do differently. You are in control!

You can use this phase effectively if you plan to.

So important to maximise this window but also make sure you have one eye on the next phase as it's coming at ya... Like it or not ...

Oestrogen is dropping and progesterone is coming in though and will be surging again around days 20-28 and as we talked about in my first video, that's the one, where you need to protect yourself. Slowing down and taking a bit of a backseat from the chaos of normal life is crucial for survival in this phase for me anyway and no matter how much I plan, I'm still surprised by how much my hormones demand I do less.

I hope this little series has helped you and you are tracking and planning a monthly calendar where possible now, not just a weekly and daily one.

Pop me some feedback if these have helped and resonated xx

Thriving is possible if you become more in tune with your hormone waves.

❤️ Eating to them

❤️ Moving to them

❤️ Relaxing to them

❤️ Sleeping to them

If you think you need a little more help with your nutrition, just to remind you I am now taking on 1:1 Clients for Nutritional Coaching to help you feel great and live the best life you can.

Thanks for reading

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